Welcome to My Studio...  

This Spring 2017 I am offering FREE first time half hour lessons in NYC and Edison for any first time students interested in trying a lesson with me. Just email me at lessons@ladolcediva.com or call 212-417-0074 and I will send you the info!

I currently live and teach in Edison, NJ but occasionally also teach in New York City (34th Street).

In my studio I have beginners, intermediate students and professionals. I have rock singers, R&B singers, folk singers, classical singers, actors, professional speakers... absolutely anyone who needs to know how to use their voice efficiently and effectively for their profession. It is really a labor of love to work with such a diverse group of people. I teach ages 16 to 60+. I do not take kids younger than 16 because I find the intense one-on-one focus on technique is not something they are quite ready for. However, I do make case-by-case exceptions if they are already working as singers.


My Method (or "All the various ways to get to the same result")

My theories on good singing do not differ much from everyone else's. Every legitimate voice teacher wants their students to produce beautiful, free, resonating, round tones. Achieving a proper, relaxed throat opening and proper coordination and balance throughout the voice is what I believe most everyone is aiming for. Most of my exercises and approaches are taken from the Bel Canto masters -- Manuel Garcia being my first source of information. I also supplement the teachings of Garcia by turning to William Vernard's "Singing, the Mechanism and the Technic" when I found it necessary to back my information with a more scientific explanation. And, then of course, there are the years I've spent studying under a number of fantastic teachers from whom I took away many different exercises and techniques to achieve various technical coordinations. I mix all that in with my own lessons in this vocal journey and on stage experience so that I can approach each student's voice from different angles and approaches. I then assign each student their own targeted exercises for their voice, their goals, their genre of singing, their experience, etc. Individualized training.

The pursuit of good vocal technique...

The pursuit of good vocal technique is, for most, a lifelong pursuit. Brilliant, clear vowels and stunning crisp diction can be elusive until one has learned proper balance and relaxation in the throat, tongue and breathing apparatus. Many a teacher and student have tried to put the cart before the horse. The truth is that what makes this an inexact science and an art is that there is no one "true" way. There are good ways and better ways (we won't discuss the bad ways).

It is my experience that we can't all learn the same concepts the same way. What I offer my students is the benefit of my own journey and study. I have studied under many of the best (and some of the worst) teachers the art has to offer in the past 20+ years. I use a variety of exercises to help weed out the bad tensions that are the usual culprits until I find what it is. I always aim to give a student whatever exercises and guidance I feel will serve them best. Sometimes I know immediately from the student's personality what will work, other times I might have to try a few different exercises before the right fit is found. I do not believe in doing things rigidly. Rigidity is one of the things we seek to avoid!

I do not advocate quick fixes. There are none. These are muscles that must be worked slowly and regularly for long-term results. I believe there is no other way. That doesn't mean you can't see results quickly though. Usually, people begin to notice they are making progress after only a few weeks.

My ultimate goal is to prepare you so you can sing well with the tools I've given you. I am not trying to keep you forever!

I welcome the opportunity to discuss approaches to vocal training with other singers and voice teachers so feel to email me with your thoughts and/or articles you might want to have me link on this website. Singing is a process. A wonderful study that, when applied with joy, can be much like zen practice.



Celia Castro, 212-417-0074

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